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Tudor fact file


Elizabeth I

Born 1533
Died 1603
Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn


  • Queen of England between 1558 - 1603.
  • She had a small council of advisors. Her chief advisor was William Cecil.
  • There had been many years of religious change and arguments. Elizabeth settled the unrest over religion.
  • In 1599 she was made 'Supreme Governor' of the church instead of 'Supreme Head'. She hoped this would please the Catholics.
  • To please the Protestants she made all the churches use Thomas Cranmer's Prayer Book.
  • Elizabeth did not marry, but she did meet many men who wanted to marry her. Sir Robert Dudley was a favourite with her. She also met princes from Spain, France and Sweden. If she had married any of them it would have brought their countries closer together.
  • When she became queen the country was very poor so Elizabeth did not have any wars against other countries because wars cost money.
  • She made peace with France in 1564 and did not fight against Spain until 1585.
  • Elizabeth did not have palaces built, she sold off some of the royal land.
  • Every summer she would visit noble families and stay with them. They had to provide entertainment and food and pay for it as well. These were called her 'progresses'.
  • When Elizabeth went of a 'progress' the ordinary people of England could see her.
  • She was a good rider and she wore fine clothes and jewels.
  • Sir Francis Walsingham was head of her secret service.
  • Elizabeth had cousin Mary Stuart (Mary Queen of Scots) who would try and become queen when she died because she did not have any children.
  • Elizabeth had Mary imprisoned and eventually had her executed in 1587.
  • Elizabeth was queen when Drake and Howard defeated the Spanish Armada.
  • When she got old she wore a red wig to cover her grey hair.
  • She liked sweet foods and these had made her teeth go black.
  • She died on 24th March 1603.
  • During her long reign of 45 years as queen, England had become a strong country in Europe. There had been no civil wars.
  • Elizabeth was the last Tudor monarch. She named King James of Scotland, son of Mary Stuart to be king.


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