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Tudor fact file

Mary Stuart (Queen of Scots)

Born 1542
Died 1587
Daughter of James V of Scotland and Mary Guise of France


  • Queen of Scotland 1542 to 1567.
  • Mary was a Catholic.
  • She lived most of her young life in the French court.
  • She married Francis II who was to become King of france.
  • When Francis died at a young age in 1560 and she returned to Scotland in 1561.
  • Mary became a Protestant in France.
  • She married her cousin Henry the Earl of Darnley in 1565.
  • They were not happy and drifted apart.
  • Darnley is believed to be responsible for the death of Mary's secretary David Rizzio.
  • Darnley was then assassinated by a group of people who were probably led by James Hepburn who was Earl of Bothwell.
  • Mary married Hepburn but she was then imprisoned after a rebellion.
  • She escaped with Hepburn in 1568 and raised an army to win back her position as Queen of Scotland. This rebellion failed.
  • Mary escaped to England, but she was imprisoned by Elizabeth I because it was thought she might lead a rebellion against Elizabeth.
  • She was eventually tried and executed at Fotheringay Castle in Northamptonshire in 1587.


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