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Tudor fact file

John Knox

Born 1505
Died 1573
Son of a farmer his mother was a Sinclair


  • Knox was a Scottish Protestant reformer. He wanted to see changes in the church.
  • He founded the Church of Scotland.
  • He had to leave Scotland to avoid being arrested because he argued that women should not have political power.
  • In 1547 he was captured an put in prison in France.
  • He was released after England asked for him to be set free in 1549.
  • In 1551 he helped write a Prayer Book.
  • When Mary I became queen he had to leave the country because they had sentenced him to be burned at the stake.
  • In 1559 he returned to Scotland where he was tried for treason but acquitted (found not to have done it).
  • He wrote books about the things he believed in.


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