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Tudor fact file

The theatre



  • Elizabethan people enjoyed visiting the theatre.
  • The first actors would be traveling groups who would act on a small stage (often a wagon) at an inn.
  • Before 1572 all actors were not thought of very highly. A law was passed so that all actors had to have special licences.
  • New acting companies were formed, they were usually sponsored by someone rich and famous.
  • William Shakespeare was one of the most famous actors and writers of all times.
  • In 1576 an actor called Richard Burbage built England's first public theatre in North London.
  • In 1599, the Globe Theatre was opened. This is where Shakespeare performed.
  • The Globe was on the south side of the River Thames in Southwark.
  • Southwark was full of theatres, bear-baiting rings, taverns and inns.
  • Another famous poet and playwright was Christopher Marlowe.


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