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Tudor fact file


Anne Boleyn

Born circa 1501

Died 1536
Daughter of Sir Thomas Boleyn


  • Anne Boleyn came to the English court in 1523.
  • Her father was Sir Thomas Boleyn, a minor courtier with a talent for foreign languages
  • She soon attracted the attention of Henry VIII.
  • The king made her Marquess of Pembroke in 1532.
  • As soon has Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon had been ended, Anne secretly married Henry in 1533.
  • Queen of England between 1533-1536.
  • She had a daughter, Elizabeth who was born in 1533.
  • Anne was accused of seeing other men in Henry's court.
  • It is believed that the charges against her were made up by Thomas Cromwell.
  • She was executed (beheaded) in 1536 for being unfaithful to Henry.


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