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Tudor fact file


Catherine of Aragon

Born 1485
Died 1536
Daughter of King Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille


  • Catherine was a Spanish princess.
  • She was married to Arthur the eldest son of Henry VII, but Arthur died at the age of 16.
  • The Pope gave Henry VIII permission to marry Catherine.
  • Catherine was the first wife of Henry VIII.
  • Queen of England between 1509-1533.
  • She was always faithful to Henry.
  • She was a popular queen.
  • Catherine had a daughter Mary.
  • Henry wanted her to have a son to be the next king, but she did not have a son.
  • She had six children but only Mary survived.
  • In 1525 they lived apart. After this Catherine never saw her daughter Mary again.
  • Catherine marriage was annulled (ended) in 1526.
  • After a lot of difficulty Henry eventually divorced Catherine.
  • Catherine lived quietly until she died in 1536.


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