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Tudor fact file

Alonso Perez du Guzman Duke of Medina Sidonia

Born 1550
Died 1615
Son of the 6th Duke of Medina Sidonia


  • Medina Sidonia was put in charge of the Spanish Armada by Philip II of Spain.
  • He was not experienced at going to sea and said he was 'seasick' when he went on ships.
  • On 21st July 1588 the Armada set sail to join up with the Alesandro Farrese, the Duke of Parma in the Netherlands.
  • The Armada was defeated by the English navy led by Drake and Howard.
  • The Armada had 130 ships and 30,000 men.
  • After losing to Elizabeth I's navy in the English Channel they tried to sail around Britain, north up the North Sea, past Scotland and back around Ireland. Many ships were lost on this route.
  • Medina Sidonia got his flagship back to Spain on 21st September 1588.
  • Only 60 ships returned to Spain.
  • 15,000 men perished!


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