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Tudor fact file

Sir Walter Raleigh

Born circa 1552
Died 1618


  • English adventurer, writer and courtier.
  • Born in Devon.
  • He organised expeditions to colonize North America between 1584 and 1587, but they were all unsuccessful.
  • Raleigh was a favourite courtier of Elizabeth I.
  • He was knighted by Elizabeth I in 1584.
  • In 1596 he fought the Spanish in Cadiz and in 1597 he fought them in the Azores.
  • In 1596 and 1616 he explored South America.
  • When James I came to the throne, Raleigh was condemned to death on a charge of conspiracy. He was reprieved of dying (let off) but was imprisoned in the Tower of London.
  • He wrote a book called the History of the World.
  • He was released in 1616 and went on an expedition to South America.
  • The expedition failed and he was executed (beheaded) in 1618.


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