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Tudor fact file

Robert Devereux

Born 1566
Died 1601
Son of the 1st Earl of Essex


  • 2nd Earl of Essex.
  • He was an English soldier and politician.
  • He was a favourite of Elizabeth I from 1587.
  • He fought in the Netherlands in 1585 - 1586 and was made famous by his fighting at the Battle of Zutphen.
  • In 1596 he led the attack on Cadiz in Spain.
  • In 1599 he became Lieutenant of Ireland and led an army against Irish rebels in Ulster.
  • He was unable to arrange a peaceful solution in Ireland and returned to England without permission from the queen.
  • He brought an army to London but was arrested and tried for treason.
  • he was executed (beheaded) on Tower Green in 1601.


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