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Tudor fact file

Edward VI

Born 1537 -
Died 1553
Son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour


  • King of England between 1547 - 1553
  • Edward was only 9 when he became king.
  • He was a 'sickly' child and was often ill.
  • Edward was not old enough to rule by himself, so he had 'Protectors' he ruled for him.
  • His uncle, the Duke of Somerset was his first protector.
  • In 1550 The Duke of Northumberland replaced Somerset.
  • Edward was a keen Protestant.
  • During his reign there were rebellions against religious change, rising prices and lack of jobs.
  • He died at the age of 16 from tuberculosis.
  • Before he died he named Lady Jane Grey as his successor.


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