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Tudor fact file




  • In the 1560s there was a lot of trade with all areas of Europe.
  • England was a major trading centre.
  • London sent cloth to Holland and France.
  • Bristol ships brought fish from Newfoundland.
  • Iron, salt, sugar, coal and wool was exported.
  • A lot of goods came from around the country and from further away.
  • Coal came from Newcastle.
  • Copper was mined in Cumbria.
  • Lead was mined in Somerset.
  • Tin was dug out of the ground in Cornwall.
  • Cast iron was made in Kent.
  • Woolen cloth came from Norfolk, Lancashire and Bristol.
  • Sugar was refined in London.
  • Salt was exported from Scotland.
  • Cod was fished in waters off of Newfoundland and Iceland.
  • Wine came from France.
  • Olive oil from Spain.
  • Furs from animals came from Russia.
  • Traveling by land was rough and dangerous so most trade was undertaken by ships.


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