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Tudor fact file




  • When you look at the Tudor period you can see that there were number of queens and nobles whose lives were literally 'cut short' by the executioner.
  • Henry VII had rebels trying to take his thrown. The Earl of Warwick was imprisoned by him and so was Perkin Warbeck because they both tried to rebel against him at different times. Both were executed.
  • Henry VIII had two of his wives beheaded. Anne Boleyn for being unfaithful to him and Catherine Howard who was found guilty of treason.
  • Mary I had many leading Protestants burned at the stake. Thomas Cranmer, Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley were all executed in this way.
  • Elizabeth I had her cousin Mary Stuart (Mary Queen of Scots) executed for treason so that she wouldn't rebel against her. She was beheaded.
  • Elizabeth I had a cousin who was her favourite, Robert Devereux the Earl of Essex. he tried to start a revolt. He was captured, tried for treason and beheaded.
  • James I executed Sir Walter Rayleigh who was a leading Tudor soldier, poet and writer


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