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Tudor fact file

Lambert Simnel

Born 1475
Died 1525
Son of a baker

Notes (nb photo above is not a true likeness of Simnel)

  • When Henry VII was king some people wanted to replace him.
  • In May 1487, Simnel - claiming to be Edward, Earl of Warwick, the nephew of Edward IV - was crowned as King Edward VI of England in Dublin.
  • Margaret of Anjou (wife of Henry VI) said he was the real Warwick.
  • His supporters had an army of Irish troops and German mercenaries
  • Simnel invaded England but was defeated at the Battle of Stoke in June 1487.
  • Simnel was just a young boy, he had been used by people who wanted power.
  • Henry considered him harmless and, instead of being executed, he was allowed to live out his life in the royal kitchens.


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