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Tudor fact file

James Stuart

Born 1565
Died 1625
 Son of Mary Stuart and Lord Darnley


  • He was James VI of Scotland.
  • When Elizabeth I died without an heir, James became king of England.
  • He was James I of England, the first Stuart king. He was king between 1603 - 1625.
  • James married Anne of Denmark.
  • He spent £20,000 on his coronation (that was a lot of money in those days).
  • The country was not very rich, so to make money, he sold titles (like Duke, Earl) for £1,000 each.
  • He ended the conflict in Spain in 1604.
  • The Catholics attempted to blow James and Parliament up in 1605. This is known as the 'Gunpowder Plot'. We remember it today on bonfire night.


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